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I thought you might be interested to know that I took part in a discussion on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour yesterday, 17 May. The topic of the conversation was: How do we view women who leave their children? Jane Garvey also interviewed novelist Jane Rusbridge, once a mother apart herself, for the piece. We covered a lot more ground than the title and I’m amazed that the producer managed to trim over half an hour of the very lively discussion we pre-recorded into 11 minutes! If you missed it and would like to listen, click on the link below.

The interview starts 1:21 into the programme with my contribution starting at 5:23.

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Sarah specialises in counselling and training women. She helps non-resident mothers find inner peace by dealing with guilt, distress and other difficult feelings which can be experienced when living apart from their child. Her self-help book, 'A Mother Apart', published by Crown House, is available now. She also supports business women grow in confidence whilst growing their businesses. To find out more, please visit Sarah Hart's website

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